Friday, July 10, 2015

VA Benefits: Dealing with the Potential Roadblocks

11:13 PM

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Acceptable risks of joining the armed services often include injuries sustained during various actions. If a serviceman experiences injury, the hard road to compensation begins, but learning about potential roadblocks will be critical when a disability benefits attorney works out the details. Some of these hindrances are outlined below.

Prolonged Delay

In its Veterans Benefits Administration Reports, the VA recorded over 380,000 pending claims. The conditions have actually improved now, compared to over 800,000 pending cases a few years back. That’s still hundreds of thousands of cases, though. All these pending claims lead to another problem – backlog. When one considers the fact that new cases are being filed every day, most claimants have to wait a long time before a decision is made.

Process Errors

The sheer number of pending claims is not the only factor that creates backlog. Error rate also contributes a great deal to these problems. The accuracy rate was previously pegged about 84 percent, and the goal of the VA was to raise that number to 98 percent. Now, VA reports that the three-month issue-level accuracy and 12-month issue-level accuracy is at around 96 percent.

Unjust Denials

The VA takes time in evaluating claims because it has to deal with fraudulent claims. The benefits must be given to those who actually deserve it, after all. Now, to err is human and the people at VA sometimes get it wrong. Claimants who actually have authentic claims get denied at times.


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