Monday, July 20, 2015

Returning Disabled Soldiers Demands Help

2:31 AM

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Soldiers who get injured in the service are entitled to benefits. This is especially so if the injury leads to a disability. Depending on how bad the disability is, a veteran can receive anything from $1,404 to $30,324 annually.

To get these benefits, a veteran needs to file a claim by filling up and submitting the appropriate forms. The Veteran’s Administration will check on a veteran’s disability to see if they are eligible and how much should they be awarded. All of these would culminate in a hearing. This means a veteran must be able to present proof of his disability like medical records and successfully present his case to the VA.

However, the claims process is very thorough and there might be a number of delays; this is even more evident nowadays with many veterans returning home disabled. Another problem is that sometimes claims can be rejected because of technicalities like not submitting the right paperwork or giving the wrong information. Finally, a hearing can be very stressful for someone disabled and can result in them not being able to present themselves at their best; this can cause their claim to be rejected or full benefits not being awarded.

This is where veterans disability lawyers can help. Legal professionals can help guide veterans through the claims process and advise them on how to properly present their cases for best results.


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