Monday, May 25, 2015

Helping Disabled Veterans Receive Benefits

Disabled veterans and their families may not realize they are eligible for disability benefits. Residents in Parkersburg are proud of their veterans who have proudly fought to defend America. Unfortunately, some veterans return home with either emotional challenges, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (commonly known as PTSD), or physical injuries that include loss of their legs.

Applying for disability benefits may leave some veterans and their families wondering if they want to spend excessive time muddling through the paperwork. Even if they succeed in filling out the required forms, they may need to seek out attorneys who understand disability benefits. In Parkersburg, disabled veterans who need assistance in obtaining benefits can find the help they need by working with veterans benefits lawyers.

Some veterans are eligible to receive benefits from more than one organization at the same time. The Social Security Administration offers Social Security Disability Insurance, known as SSDI, to qualified disabled veterans. Benefits are also available from the State of Virginia Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition, some disabled veterans are eligible to receive retirement benefits from the Department of Defense.

Veterans returning home from their military duties can find it disheartening when they learn that their disabilities may prevent them from finding gainful employment. A veterans benefits lawyer can make a difference in the lives of these American heroes.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roadblocks to Veteran Benefits

As a veteran, you are entitled to receive benefits for injuries sustained while serving your country. These benefits are to be paid through the United States government, but there are several hoops to jump through and an entire roll of red tape to deal with. Indeed, this has resulted in a backlog of VA claims where a single case can take up to four years for a final decision to be made.  

Another roadblock is the complexity of the process. While there are offices in every state to help make submitting claims easier, the system in place for processing them is full of all kinds of errors and mistakes. Between this and the aforementioned backlog, you could be in for a very long wait before you finally get what you deserve.

Navigating these tricky and often confusing waters by yourself can be more stressful than anything. Instead of worrying about learning the laws governing VA benefits and fighting the bureaucracy, let an experienced veterans disability lawyer like one from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, do the hard work for you. They are knowledgeable in overcoming the many roadblocks that stand between you and the compensation you deserve. Your service to your country should never be forgotten, and neither should you.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Checking on Your VA Disability Benefits Claim

All veteran servicemen and who suffer from incapacities stemming from grievous injury sustained during their tours of duty are entitled to disability benefits from the government. This recompense from the government is supposed to help those veterans with their medications, hospital fees, and even their incomes, especially when their conditions severely limit their job choices. Applying for disability claims, however, is a tough process with no guarantee that the applicant will receive remuneration.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, or VA, screens the applicants for veterans disability benefits, and can be rather strict with whom it deems qualified or not. There are occasions when even the most clearly disabled of veterans have been denied benefits. Fortunately, the VA allows applicants to submit claims for reconsideration, but processing these can take very long.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Helpful Veterans Disability Attorney Can Aid Retired Servicemen

Serving your country as part of its illustrious military is one of the greatest honors to be had. While you will get the opportunity to help maintain peace and order, it can be a dangerous profession that puts you and your loved ones at risk. Even when you no longer serve in the military, you and whatever injuries (both physical and psychological) you bear could turn your civilian life upside down. Fortunately, the government looks out for its servicemen and women, and offers benefits to those who have long retired from service. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is responsible for providing recompense to veterans. The restitution can be incredibly helpful to those previous servicemen and women who have yet to settle down into normalcy, maintain a proper job, or who have difficulty balancing their finances, among other things.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

An Informed Veterans Disability Lawyer Helps Speed the Claims Process

Without question, America’s soldiers are willing to lay everything on the line to protect peace and freedom. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that its servicemen and women do not go unrewarded for their selfless dedication. Thus, even long after active service, the government offers benefits to veterans as a token of their loyalty and proud service for their country. Veterans from both past and recent tours of duty can claim benefits, but the process can be quite convoluted. Ideally, the government would readily dispense benefits to any and all veterans. There is a complicated process, however, that stands between veterans and the monetary recompense they deserve. Disabled veterans, in particular, will certainly need the remuneration for their continued treatment and improvement of their quality of life.
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Speed Up the Claims Process With Legal Help

Injuries gained from fighting for the country should be properly compensated. Disabled veterans, in particular, will certainly need the remuneration for their continued treatment and improvement of their quality of life. To ensure that the disability compensation process goes off without a hitch, veteran claimants should consider hiring the services of a capable veterans disability lawyer to improve their chances of completing their claims.

The time it takes to process a claim for a disabled veteran is dependent on several factors. These factors include what type of claim was filed, how severe the disabilities of the claimant are, the number of disabilities noted, and the amount of evidence available to support the claims. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can be quite strict when it comes to reviewing claims, and could turn down applications that are not “convincing” enough. Indeed, there have been several cases of veteran applicants denied of benefits despite having strong evidence of their disabilities.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trusted Veterans Disability Attorney Ensures Long-Term TBI Benefits

A number of service men and women who served their time in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have reportedly suffered from traumatic brain injury (TBI), a serious condition that can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering when left untreated or unchecked. Data from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center showed that more than 320,000 service members were found to be suffering from TBI between the years 2000 and 2014, and though the numbers have decreased since 2011, service members are still at risk of acquiring TBI as armed conflict in these countries continues. Suffering from TBI is one factor that makes a veteran eligible for disability benefits. Yet with the help of a trusted veterans disability attorney, war veterans and their loved ones can still obtain benefits that are intended precisely to help the nation’s valiant sons and daughters recuperate from the damages they have sustained.
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Veterans Disability Lawyer News: A Benefits Reduction in the Works?

Normally, Veterans Affairs (VA) can reduce what you receive monthly if you have an ‘unprotected benefit rate.’ You can tell if you have an unprotected rate if your disability rating is above the minimum for your disability but below 100 percent, and if you have been receiving benefits for less than five years. However, although it will be harder for the VA to do so, having a protected rate is not a guarantee that your benefits won’t be reduced. If you want your benefits protected, you need to consult highly experienced veterans disability lawyers.
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