Monday, April 13, 2015

The Disability Benefits Appeals Process

In a Social Security disability benefits case, a veteran claimant requests for benefits based on the fact that an injury prevents him or her from working. The claimant attends a hearing before an administrative law judge, who may contend that the injury is not serious and that he or she can still work. The claimant would then appeal the decision, after which the appellate court schedules the case for a new hearing to be presided by a different judge.

At the next hearing, the new judge may still find the claimant not disabled, and again denies the benefits claim. The claimant again appeals the denial, only this time the district court might uphold the second judge’s decision. Sounds familiar?

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Veterans Disability News: Benefits Reduction to Come?

Recently, news about President Obama’s support for the reduction of military retirement pay has struck the public, particularly military personnel nearing retirement. While the intention is primarily good, it may not seem fair to not consider other options. Anyone who doesn’t want their benefit claims affected should consider hiring a disability lawyer.

Effect on Finances

After years of fighting, being away from your family, getting injured and finally obtaining disability benefits, you’d think that there’s no other way they can hurt you now. You may believe that the monthly benefits will go on without changing as long as you live, but in truth, the government can and will reduce your benefits if they deem it necessary.
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