Monday, April 6, 2015

Veterans Disability News: Benefits Reduction to Come?

12:02 PM

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Recently, news about President Obama’s support for the reduction of military retirement pay has struck the public, particularly military personnel nearing retirement. While the intention is primarily good, it may not seem fair to not consider other options. Anyone who doesn’t want their benefit claims affected should consider hiring a disability lawyer.

Effect on Finances

After years of fighting, being away from your family, getting injured and finally obtaining disability benefits, you’d think that there’s no other way they can hurt you now. You may believe that the monthly benefits will go on without changing as long as you live, but in truth, the government can and will reduce your benefits if they deem it necessary.

Protected or Unprotected?

Normally, Veterans Affairs (VA) can reduce what you receive monthly if you have an ‘unprotected benefit rate.’ You can tell if you have an unprotected rate if your disability rating is above the minimum for your disability but below 100 percent, and if you have been receiving benefits for less than five years.

Role of a Disability Lawyer

A good disability lawyer won’t pressure you to pursue a case that will not succeed. What he will do is explain the law to you in detail and work with you to build a good, workable plan. If you choose to retain his counsel, he can put that plan into action to seek the outcome you want.


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