Monday, March 16, 2015

Common Obstacles to Disability Claims

6:34 AM

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In an ideal world, veterans will be able to receive their disability benefits in an easy and timely manner. The truth is, veterans may face common roadblocks when they make claims. Here are some issues that veterans may experience during the process:
·         Delays. Almost every applicant experience this. This happens because of numerous pending cases that create backlogs for the Veterans Affairs (VA).
·         Unjust Denials. This mostly happens for mental health claims, such as PTSD, as it’s more difficult to reach a conclusive proof for such cases.
·    Processing Errors. The VA declared that backlogs in claims are also due to inaccurate claims-adjudication system. The VA aims to improve the system but it is still far from doing so.
·         Wrong Assertions for Disability’s Relation to Service. Some veterans’ claims are denied in their claims because they are not able to prove that the condition they’re applying for is directly related to their service time in the military.
·         Low Disability Rating. Sometimes, veterans don’t receive a high enough disability rating to be entitled to benefits.
These obstacles are not really so bad as most of them are just part of ensuring that claims are legitimate. To avoid or minimize going through them, however, assistance from a disability benefits attorney can be valuable. Seek their help to give your claim a fighting chance.


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