Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How a Disability Benefits Attorney Can Help Veterans Get Benefits

11:11 PM

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Veterans become physically, emotionally, and mentally traumatized all the time due to their service in the military. Many of them don't realize that they qualify for veteran's disability benefits, and those who do may have applied only to have their claims denied. A disability benefits attorney can help veterans obtain the benefits that they're entitled to, and there are numerous benefits to seeking this type of attorney over the others.

Knowledge of VA Law

The Veteran's Administration has its own set of criteria and laws that govern who is eligible for benefits and who isn't. This criteria is oftentimes much different from that of Social Security disability recipients and other types of disabilities. A disability benefits attorney possesses the intricate knowledge of the VA law to determine just what veterans are eligible for and what they must prove in order to be considered disabled by the VA.

VA Navigation

Additionally, disability benefits attorneys know the appropriate channels to go through to properly file a claim. They know how to navigate the Veteran's Administration, and they can assist veterans in securing the military evidence they need to prove that their disabilities are service-related. They also know how long the claims process should take and can help ensure that the client receives a speedy decision within the time frame allowed by law.


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