Thursday, September 24, 2015

Veterans Health Benefits Claims: Common Reasons Why They Get Denied

10:02 AM

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It certainly is not fair being denied of the veterans health benefits you deserve and being left to tend to your conditions on your own after devoting your life to military service. If you haven’t given up in the battlefield, however, the more you shouldn’t give up now. Note that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a high error rate, and a lot of denials are usually overturned after they get appealed. The VA admits to an error rate of 14%. On the other hand, the Center for Investigative Reporting says its 38%. In 2011, an audit performed by the Office of Inspector General showed that of 45,000 claims inspected, 23% were processed incorrectly by the rating staff. Three years earlier than that, two advocacy groups representing around 60,000 veterans filed a lawsuit claiming that VA is taking up to 4 years processing claims, the impact of which included broken families, financial devastation, homelessness and suicide.


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