Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aiming for VA Benefits

11:02 PM

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Those who answered the call to service will have been deployed to various locations around the world. Circumstances that come around during their deployment can result in various degrees of injury to the service person and would require medical attention. An experienced veterans disability lawyer can help you apply for the benefits you deserve.


There are several steps involved in filing for VA benefits, and processing a claim can take a while depending on its complexity. It all starts with initial filing; if filed online, you can receive notification of receipt of your claim within the hour. The second step is the initial review by a Veterans Service Representative. If your claim is acceptable, then a decision will be easily made. If you are required to produce evidence, you will need to start gathering it for review. The evidence can include testimony from a medical professional or a government agency to prove that you are suffering from a condition that can be traced to your military service.


Depending on how serious your disability rating is, you can get anything from $133 to $3,300 a month. This amount can be quite helpful to anyone who’s suffering from a chronic medical condition or disability like fibromyalgia and brain injuries. You can actually get more if you lost any limbs, have dependents like a spouse or children, or if your spouse is also suffering from a disability.


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