Thursday, January 8, 2015

What You Deserve: Veteran's Benefits

12:06 PM

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Being a soldier for your country is a risky job. The high chances of death and injury, as well as the long hours and far-away deployment locations make a career in the military a long shot. For those who've done their patriotic responsibility, however, there are rewards waiting at the end of their tour of duty. Here are some of the benefits that make it all worth it:

  • Job Preference for Federal Jobs. Any honorably discharged soldier is given preference for hiring when he or she is applying for a federal job. This is a boon for any vet returning home looking to move on with his life. A decent job is often the first step into the wider world.
  • Home Loan Guarantee. Veterans would want to have a home to come back to. That's why the federal government guarantees them a loan of up to $359,650 to give them a head start on their lives. Any home loan made with government help means that the interest rates and payments are lower.
  • Veteran's Disability. Some veterans come home injured and this makes it difficult for them to live their lives. Plus, the treatment could cost money. With the help of a veteran's disability lawyer, these former soldiers can file a claim with the VA and ensure that they get the proper compensation.


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