Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Truth about VA Benefits

5:11 PM

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One of the biggest ironies in America now is the number of veterans who are living day to day without benefits from the government. Perhaps one reason this is happening is the lack of information about benefits, something a veteran advocate or veterans disability lawyer could discuss accurately.

If you serve, then you deserve

There is a misconception that only veterans who were wounded in combat and/or lost limbs are eligible for benefits. The truth is: every veteran who has rendered service and was honorably discharged is eligible. As long as injuries were incurred during their term of service (combat-related or not), the veterans are qualified.

Application is as easy as point and click

Some vets are under the impression they are required to visit a VA facility to apply for benefits for pension or compensation. Actually the specific forms are available online together with instructions on where to send them. It is recommended that veterans who are unsure should seek assistance for accomplishing the forms correctly.

They simply aren’t aware

Call it a communications breakdown or a case of misinformation. There are thousands of veterans who are uninformed regarding their benefits for national service. All veterans are encouraged to register with the VA Medical System to determine what they are qualified for.

To those veterans already in the system and enjoying benefits, a grateful nation humbly requests that you help reach out to fellow veterans who need assistance or simply refer them to the nearest veterans’ assistance effort.


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