Thursday, August 14, 2014

Receiving Rightful Care for PTSD

6:38 AM

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Military veterans who claim disability benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been placed under scrutiny recently. Billions of compensation dollars are being granted to former war soldiers, with some political figures and doctors questioning the veracity of claims, especially since PTSD can be an intangible disease of the mind.

According to Harry Croft, a world-renowned psychiatrist and expert on combat-related PTSD, there is no accurate way to determine if a veteran has the disorder or not. Medical practitioners mainly base their diagnosis and treatment plan on the statements and symptoms described by patients. However, Croft believes that only a small percentage of veterans lie about their symptoms.

What concerns some people is mainly the amount that goes to military veterans with PTSD. Qualified claimants can receive up to $3,000 tax-free monthly for as long as their condition persists, which can last a lifetime. A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs even revealed that some veterans who had PTSD have showed little improvement since the Vietnam War.

Despite these, veterans with PTSD deserve compensation. These individuals should ascertain their benefits for the condition that has affected their lives. If a patient struggles with the claims process, a disability benefits attorney can aid him or her in receiving just compensation and care.


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