Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fighting for the Fighter: The Role of a Veterans Disability Attorney

7:36 AM

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"In most cases, an honorable discharge is required for former military personnel to file for VA benefits. In practice, however, even this requirement isn’t always enough because VA offices also need proof of the applicant’s prior military service, especially documents pertaining to injuries he or she sustained that lead to long-term complications. Unfortunately, recordkeeping in the military isn’t always efficient and documents of some veterans who served in prior conflicts can be easily lost in the clutter. This is where hiring a disability benefits lawyer becomes more important because aside from fighting for his or her client’s VA benefits, the lawyer can also complain about the client’s mismanaged military records. Fixing such errors is the responsibility of the Board for Correction of Military Records of the applicant’s respective service branch, but it can only be done by going through a long appeals process which the disability lawyer can help with. In the event that the VA d


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