Monday, April 21, 2014

Popular Even in Uniform: Celebs Who Fought in Wars

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Warfare has heavy consequences. In Operation Iraqi Freedom alone, almost 32,000 U.S. servicemen were injured in the call of duty. The U.S.’s participation in many wars offshore has resulted in a lot of wounded vets who need federal assistance, particularly disability benefits, which they can acquire through the help of a disability benefits attorney.

Nevertheless, these exemplary men and women believe in what America is fighting for, and are willing to serve their country again, if only they could. Among those who went into active duty were Americans who naturally stand out, on and off cam. They were the celebrities who set aside filmdom for the chance to serve their country. Here are some of them.
The Roosevelt Children. When the First World War broke out, Theodore Roosevelt was eager to get into military service with his sons. However, it did not end well for his family. One of his sons was wounded, another was gassed, and still another died after the son’s plane was shot down.
Hollywood Goes to War. Several celebrities signed up for WWII, including Oscar winner Jimmy Stewart, an accomplished flier with 20 missions under his belt, and Lee Marvin of The Dirty Dozen fame, who was injured at the Battle of Saipan.
Battle in the Jungle. All-American football stalwart Bob Kalsu lost his life in the jungles of Vietnam, while film director Oliver Stone received a Purple Heart for his injuries, and went on to create films based on his war experiences.


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