Friday, February 21, 2014

A Short Primer on Veterans' Disability

5:13 AM

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Similar to workers, military veterans can file for disability benefits. They can file claims for causes such as traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and toxic chemical exposure. Given the nature of their profession, veterans need some form of financial security in exchange for their active participation in the military.

Veterans must meet one of certain conditions to qualify. Specifically, they must have a medically diagnosed disability, must have suffered a disease or injury while serving in the military, or have suffered medical and physical complications after active duty.

Providing the evidence for the third category is usually difficult as there may be cases wherein other plausible factors may explain the causes of the condition. Proving it is additionally challenging if the veteran’s military service occurred years ago, or if the person’s current condition differs from their condition during their military service.

Unfortunately, like their counterparts in the employment workforce, veterans can also experience difficulty pursuing their claims. Their claims might take too long to be processed, or worse, might get rejected for whatever applicable reason. When the latter scenario takes place, a veterans’ disability lawyer can help. Their expertise and knowledge of the system can assist veterans who wish to pursue claims to which they are legally due.


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